My July Leetcode Challenge on 3rd july is showing as inacceptable. But i submitted 12 hr before it was showing acceptable


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    Hi vartika1403,

    Thank you for reaching out to us. I've checked the record for daily challenge and your submission for July 3rd was made at July 4, 2020, 2:10 am PST so it didn’t meet the deadline. I am so sorry that your submission did not make the cut.
    Submission for each daily challenge must be made within its valid submission time period + inside that Explore Card for the submission to count. Otherwise, the submission would not make the cut and we cannot modify the result.
    Additionally, if you saw that your submission was accepted but did not complete the challenge, the "Accepted" sign indicates that your submission has been accepted as a passing solution; it is not an indicator for a successfully completed challenge. Only the blue checkmark for the Explore Card and the LeetCoin reward for a completed challenge can be served as the indicators for a successfully completed challenge. If a submission was not made within the Explore Card or was not made during the valid challenge submission time period, the challenge card would be marked by a black cross and the user's account would not receive any reward for that challenge. 
    Therefore, please double-check for the blue cross and LeetCoin reward to make sure your submission indeed completed the challenge in the next daily challenge. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to let me know. We appreciate your support.
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