My solution for june leetcode challenge which was accepted is now showing incomplete?



  • Kate

    Hi brahada29,

    Thank you for reaching out to us. Please notice that having your solution "Accepted" only means that the solutions are viable for the problem asked; it does not mean you've completed the Challenge. The 2 indicators for a completed challenge are the blue checkmark in front of that Explore Card and the LeetCoin rewards following the challenge completion. 

    Submission for each daily challenge must be made within its valid submission time period + inside that Explore Card for the submission to count. Otherwise, the submission would not make the cut and we cannot modify the result. Please make sure to check out the challenge rules again before the next daily challenge :)

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  • brahada29


    Yes. I understand. But in my submissions, it says that I submitted that day for that program.I have also updated it on my Github. I have a screenshot.I am attaching it here. The program is called sort colors. It shows that it's already accepted.I really don't want to not complete my challenges when I have already done it. Please look into it.

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