Exploring an "Explore" page has led to an OCD nightmare



  • oneliner

    PS: The graphic of the Arrays 101 section itself is an OCD abomination.

    The F is 3-width, the U is 3-width, but the N is 4-width.

    Fun you say??? More like Fu߷!

    Here's some other much more elegant options of what it could have been without deeply offending your perfection-loving demographic:

    This choice for an N is common and even nostalgic, and even appears old DOS games.


    There's even a 3x3 font for extra fun and is more common on arcade games.


    All of these would have been programmer-appreciated choices. The current graphic is however flawed, and the fact that I have to be unexpectedly blinded by TWO OF THEM every morning before my eyes are even open is just... wrong. Just wrong.

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  • Kate

    Hi oneliner,

    Thank you for sharing this feedback with us! I've forwarded these feedback to our team to investigate and consider. Upon checking out your account's Explore Card section, I saw that your Array 101 cards all have 97% completion now. Do you still see the 87% on your end?

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